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Matcha Slim tea has already won the hearts of many healthy weight loss advocates in Nigeria. The organic functional drink blend contains matcha green tea extract rich in taurine and citric acid. The 100% natural, time-tested composition gives you effortlessHelps in losing weight fast.

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Matcha Slim - A New Philosophy of Weight Loss

Leanness is not only external attractiveness and confidence, but also lightness and health. Excess weight, in turn, is an extra burden on the joints and cardiovascular system. Many nutritionists advocate weight loss, but in the minds of most people in NigeriaThis process remains difficult and tiring.

The method of losing weight can vary. Diet does not always help you lose excess weight due to the slow metabolism, and not everyone can do intense physical activity. However, even if these violent methods canCan, but the side effects cause more harm than good. Stress is too much for the body and the lost pounds soon come back again.

The modern scientific approach allows you to use the physiological processes of the body to lose weight naturally without any effort. Organic functional drink mix Matcha Slim Loses weight in the most comfortable way for the body without stress, exhaustion and slowdown of metabolismEnsures reducing. This is its main difference from traditional methods.

An ancient recipe for slimness

Matcha tea has been known for its beneficial properties since ancient times.

According to ancient Asian tradition, tea drinking has always been given special attention in spiritual practices. Matcha tea has been used since ancient times to establish harmony between body and spirit. And this is not surprising, becauseIts healing properties were known to Buddhist monks in ancient times and were highly valued even among royal dynasties. Now Nigeria has finally discovered this drink.

We have only slightly improved the old recipe so that weight loss occurs more intensively, but without causing discomfort. With its help you can not only lose weight faster, but also improve the health of your body. Complex effect teaDue to the properties of:

An Integrated Approach to Weight Loss

The minimum recommended course of drinking Matcha Slim tea is 1 month. This is due to the fact that various processes in the body begin sequentially, which affects the overall result.

1 week


Appetite and nervous excitement decrease, healthy sleep becomes normal.

1 to 2. 5 kg weight loss

2 week


Excess fluid is removed, metabolism is accelerated, absorbents bind and eliminate toxins.

Weight reduced by 4. 5 to 6 kg

3 weeks

work out

Active oxidation and breakdown of lipids reduces fat accumulation.

Weight reduced by 7 to 10 kg

4 weeks

consolidate results

Carbohydrate metabolism is accelerated, so that all the calories consumed are converted into energy. This prevents future weight gain.

Weight reduced by 11. 5 to 13 kg

An integrated approach to losing weight prevents you from regaining your previous weight in the future. After the Matcha Slim course, the body is ready for harmonious work, when all food is converted into energy, and the body feels light. gets filled.

Matcha Slim Research on the effectiveness of tea

The Melbourne Institute of Food Science and Technology conducted laboratory tests for two years, resulting in the introduction of Matcha Slim tea powder.

Independent studies in Europe and Asia confirm that Matcha Slim tea is the best natural product for fast and safe weight loss.

The study involved approximately 5, 800 people of different genders and ages who had excess body weight of more than 15 kilograms. After one month of using Matcha Slim, their weight loss was distributed as follows:

Health and weight control are inseparable

3 to 5 kg


5 to 8 kg


8 to 12 kg


12 to 15 kg


Also, for the purity of the experiment, the entire experimental group did not change their usual lifestyle, did not follow a diet and did not experience additional physical activity. At the end of the study, the participants were asked to describe their condition. Almost everyone noted that they began to feel better overall. This was expressed in increased energy, normalization of sleep phases and reduction in fatigue levels. 95% of the participants took the same measures as preventive courses and as a means of improving health and well-being in the future. Expressed desire to take Matcha Slim tea to maintain physical shape. No side effects were identified.

The formula for harmony of soul and body

The 100% natural composition can work wonders. The organic base of matcha tea, enhanced with taurine and lemon extracts, significantly increases its effectiveness. The synergistic effect ensures rapid weight loss up to 13 kilograms within a monthIs.

Matcha Slim drink mix is a completely natural product and does not contain synthetic additives, colors, preservatives or GMOs. Organics are completely harmless, work gently and have no side effects. Therefore, it can be used to support your weight loss. Makes it a comfortable process.

Our contribution to your harmonious weight loss

Thinness and lightness are the results of using Matcha Slim

If you want to be healthy, in good shape and mood, never get tired and get a good night's sleep then Matcha Slim is exactly what you need.

Weight loss support in the form of discounts will be available to those who hurry to order the limited edition product. Hurry up to start harmonious weight loss with Matcha Slim with the opportunity to save 50% of your cost. OrganicThe tea powder can be purchased at a discounted price of ₦28000 until the end of the day on our official website.

There is no longer any need to follow strict diets and tough workout regimens. The extra pounds will go away naturally, so there is no need to worry about withdrawal symptoms. Thanks to Matcha Slim, weight loss will be comfortable, and its delicious taste will make you a true connoisseur of the tea ceremony!

Doctor's review

Doctor nutritionist Rotimi Abdulkareem Rotimi Abdulkareem
19 years
Based on my experience, I abandoned harsh methods of fighting for my ideal weight. Weight loss methods that force the body into strict limits only lead to disturbances in its functioning and, as a result, harm health. Weight loss is a complex process. When people ask me the best way to lose weight in Nigeria, I always recommend Matcha Slim tea powder. It rearranges the functioning of the body harmoniously, thereby improving the overallGetting rid of fat is forced against the background of health improvement. Cleansing, rejuvenation and multiple acceleration of metabolism make your body better without fatigue and loose skin, as is the case in other cases.